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A+ Carpet Cleanning and flood Damage Repair is one of Texas leading companies of carpet cleaning, servicing all major cities. We offer exclusive professional steam cleaning using only the worlds leading supplies and safe chemicals. These consist off the very best carpet shampoos and floor steamers, to ensure your carpet come up looking brand new, We pride ourserves on hard enrned reputation. Every carpet clean comes with lifetime guarantee.

In 1992, We set up office in Texas and have now grown into one of the leading and most respected carpet cleaning companies, servicing the public,rental, businesses, residential, and insurance companies Along with the confidence and reliabilty that comes with over 20 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, our company uses the latest machines and technology to achieve the very best result.

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Firstly we spray, this helps to remove all the accumulated dirt and other dust particles. Next, we scrub and shampoo through our powerful professional machines.

Then we rinse and with water wipe off all the stubborn stains and lastly, we end the process by drying, this helps wipe off moisture and give fresh look to your carpets. We also make sure to sure certified chemicals and professional pieces of equipment to maintain your belongings.

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